Improvision Healthcare Inc. provides services that help create dramatic improvement in healthcare safety and quality.

Since 1995 we’ve provided exceptional service quality - training and advising thousands of people to make improvement. We have extensive experience with improvement in neonatal intensive care, where the margin for error is tiny and exceptional family centred care is essential.

Our service model includes the use of eLearning technologies such as web meetings, content management systems, web based training, wikis, blogs and social media. Of course, we also do on-site work, but never death by powerpoint.

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Engaging everyone everyday in improving safety and quality is a part of our vision. Grounded in the fundamentals of Dr. Edwards Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge, we push on the envelope with new tools that create innovation and excitement for improvement.

Improvision Healthcare: improvement through knowledge.

Jim Handyside
Director and Principal Designer

Janette Richards,
Business Manager