Showing My Work

From the first album I ever bought, I have always been drawn to lyrics.
Pull out the jacket, follow the words, sing along.
Here, I'm following the show-your-work concept, posting my lyrics and emerging musical transformation. I am starting this process today, January 3, 2018, with eleven entries from a couple hundred - more to follow over time. I will periodically post an update to social media (RSS available)
As they start to take shape with music in song, I add demos or musical ideas.
The most fully developed are songs co-written with Nic Yown - some of which I now play with Stone Willy.
The ALBUM tags align the lyrics by theme for the future record albums they will become.
Probably years from now, maybe never.
I don't know which one will be the first.
I'm doing this in reverse.
(c) James Handyside 2018